How to consume alcohol without harm to health: useful tips

Healthy and successful people who understand the brand of wine and other alcoholic beverages don’t want to deny themselves the joy of consuming a glass of good alcohol. However, most people today are constantly asking themselves the question: how and what kind of alcohol should you drink so as not to harm your health? The answer is in this article!

The secret is actually simple. In order not to do much harm to your body, you need to adhere to a culture of alcohol consumption. All you have to do is follow a number of simple rules.

Do not drink on an empty stomach

If you want to pop into a bar in the morning without breakfast, even your favorite drink won’t be a pleasure. The fact that the alcohol that falls on an empty stomach is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. And you will be drunk much faster and stronger. As a result - loss of control over their actions and severe hangover in the morning. In addition, the alcohol in the alcohol, when it enters the stomach, irritates the intestinal fibers, which are responsible for the absorption of nutrients. This, in turn, can cause upset of the gastrointestinal tract, which occurs for a while after drinking.

Before consuming any alcoholic beverage, the best solution is a high-calorie lunch or dinner that contains fats and proteins. It can be a fish with vegetables or an omelette with some garnish. Also, don’t forget to have a good snack with hearty dishes: meat, seafood salad or whole wheat toaster. And you won't have any problems.

But we remind you again: know when to stop!

Drink slowly

It is worth not only drinking slowly, but also alternating drinks with ordinary clear water. Alcohol is a diuretic. It dries the body quickly. That’s why there are uncomfortable feelings and dry mouth the next morning. And water, along with alcohol, allows the body to get rid of such feelings. You also need to make sure there is mineral water in the morning. However, drinking water is not able to protect the liver and get rid of poisoning. This will only make the hangover easier. Therefore, the issue of the amount of alcohol consumed always remains relevant, even when this precautionary method is used.

drink water with alcohol

Take a look at the literature on the effects of alcoholism

In our time, the problem of alcoholism is very acute. In this regard, a sufficient amount of popular literature is published in which the consequences of excessive consumption of spirits are communicated in an accessible form. There is also a lot of information about the load on the human brain, heart and liver. Reading like this may make you rethink some of your opinions about drinking. No one wants to intimidate or ban drinking. You are your own master. You just have to take a sensible approach to this important issue.

Follow certain rules

If you develop certain rules for alcohol consumption and strictly follow them, it will help you not break down in any situation. He vows never to drink alone. It is known that obsessive alcoholics do not need company. They are perfectly drunk on their own, without friends and even for no reason (although finding a reason for them is no problem). And of course try not to drink for 2-3 days or more.

Prolonged snacks do not cause joy, they only take away strength and health. Plus, it will hit your pocket a lot. Many experts do not demand a strict restriction on hard drinks. It is recognized that 100 milliliters does not cause much harm to the body. However, you are still warned that you need to know when to stop. And where this measure is, everyone has to decide for themselves.

Give up unknown drinks

The consequences of unknown cocktails can be quite deplorable and unexpected. To avoid severe poisoning, try to avoid unknown liquids. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t try something new. In order to simply evaluate the taste and strength of the drink, we should not forget the amount we drink. And if the evening promises to be long, we better drink well-known, well-known alcohol.

alcoholic cocktails are harmful to health

Do not mix

Stop by the party for an alcoholic drink. You don’t need champagne with vodka, rum with wine, vodka and cola for fun. These cocktails are real health killers. Each contains a huge amount of calories. It is also a blow to the cardiovascular system, liver and stomach. To minimize damage, try to prefer quality red and white wines. Rich in antioxidants, they contain only 120 calories in a cup and taste and smell good. All of this is worth living on, and not for cheap cocktails or high-calorie, powerful blends.

Prefer low-alcohol beverages

When choosing alcohol, pay attention to the label. Here is the most important information - the amount of ethyl alcohol it contains. It should be minimal. In this case, your body suffers less from alcohol poisoning. At any party, you can slowly bring up a low-alcohol drink. And no one is going to ask why they don’t drink anything.

Improve your taste

Expensive alcoholic beverages are worth their money for a reason. Quality matured whiskey or a well-known brand of wine is always much better than cheap vodka or packaged powdered wine. Elite drinks do not harm the body so much, especially the liver. Define your taste, look for good and expensive drinks. Drink less, but stick to a quality product. So not only will you maintain your health, but you can also enjoy the greatest possible pleasure in what you drink.

good quality alcohol is not harmful to health

Be picky about alcohol choices

Do not drink beverages containing gluten (gluten). It is a complex protein that is a component of most cereals. Practically insoluble in water. And because these drinks are high in calories, it can lead to being overweight. Gluten-free drinks include barley and malt-based beer and wheat vodka.

Therefore, at a friendly festive party it is better to drink a glass of red wine. It promotes the assimilation of fatty, high-calorie foods in an acceptable proportion. In addition, red wine is rich in antioxidants, which is beneficial for the body. Well, if you are still a lover of spirits, you should prefer a glass of whiskey with ice, rum, tequila or gin. They do not contain gluten. And by no means do you drink alcohol with Coca-Cola, it has a huge amount of sugar in it.

Don't forget the vitamins

Excessive and frequent alcohol consumption can cause vitamin deficiencies in the body such as B and C. In this case, experts strongly recommend supplementation after a stormy party. You need to include fresh vegetables, berries and citrus fruits in the menu.

Don't look for a reason to drink

People who drink drink usually try to find some excuse. We ourselves become slaves in a situation where a thought reigns in our minds, "You can’t do drinking, you just have to do that. " But about health, we should always try to separate reason from desire. You don’t have to drink alcohol to meet friends, orto spend an evening in a warm atmosphere. On the other hand, there is no reason to open a bottle of good expensive wine with a person close to you.

alcohol party with friends

Call a taxi

Do not drive with minimal alcohol consumption. Remember, this simplest rule preserves life and health not only for you but also for the people around you. Even if your alcohol meter shows no criticism, make it a rule to drink alcohol without a car. Call a taxi or a sober driver and everything will be fine. Keep in mind that even the smallest dose of alcohol can have tragic consequences.

If you follow these simple tips, you will not only maintain your health, but also your sanity and good mood.