How much alcohol can you consume and calculate your daily dose?

What about an anniversary without wine or a New Year’s jingle clock without a glass of champagne? Unusual and boring. Even the WHO does not recommend a complete cessation of alcohol. But how much can you drink so that the drink does not harm your health, anyone will know without any problems. Book a reservation right away that is talking about normally healthy people and not patients from drug treatment clinics. So we calculate the dose you want to drink without compromising your health and find out the amount of alcoholic beverages that are allowed for frequent intake.

Statistics on safe alcohol consumption

how much wine can you drink per day

To answer the question: how much alcohol do you drink per day, we only get one answer from doctors - not at all. But at the same time, doctors know that small amounts of wine have a beneficial effect on blood vessels, brandy and vodka have a vasodilating effect, and usually refined homemade moonlight is much more beneficial than types of spirits.

The WHO gives a more specific answer: alcohol, which is drunk in moderation, no more than once a day, does no harm to the body. In this case, we buy any drink for pleasure: wine, cognac, cocktails with vodka. In terms of pure alcohol, a normally healthy patient can drink up to 3 liters of alcohol per year. Violation of norms can damage the psyche and health, but in Moldova, for example, up to 18 liters of ethanol are consumed each year. True, they prefer a young or full-bodied kind of wine there.

Calculation of the daily dose

In order not to convert pure ethanol to alcohol, not to count how much vodka can be drunk from 2 liters of pure ethanol a year, scientists recommend the following standards: no more than 20 grams. in men, ethanol and 15 grams per day. for women. This amount is 1 bottle of beer, 2 glasses of wine or 50 gr. good vodka. Thus, once you know how much you can drink per day, it is better to adhere to these parameters and not drink more alcohol - exceeding the daily dose of alcohol has negative consequences.

The averaged statistics do not take into account the characteristics of the body, so the amount of alcohol that can be consumed harmless to health in each case depends on the individual characteristics of the person. The WHO also recommends refraining from drinking a few days a week. But that doesn’t mean you can "accumulate" portions and drink alcohol on holidays in moderation!

Important!A popular way to calculate the amount of alcohol is as follows: 1, 5 gr. pure alcohol / 1 kg weight. In the case of vodka, it reaches a maximum of 3. 75 ml per kilogram of alcohol per day. Thus, for a 70 kg person, the amount of vodka is 262 ml per day. If you want to drink large doses of vodka between portions, your daily alcohol consumption can be increased to 330 ml.

And, of course, we shouldn’t forget about the appetizer either. To prevent severe poisoning by ethanol and its decomposition products, drink but eat good and not fast foods. It does not hurt to drink water with every toast, but not sweet soda - this drink damages the stomach, esophageal mucosa and accelerates the process of assimilation of alcohols in the blood.

Lack of alcohol in the body

Lack of alcohol in the body is not a sign of alcoholism but a very real problem. Absolutely everyone meets him. Sometimes the reason for this is snack: a person drank a little but ate a lot: some of the alcohol is absorbed by the food, the other part of the alcohol is bound to the breakdown products of the protein and does not enter the bloodstream. Doctors refer to this section as "irreversible alcohol deficiency, " in which case the temporary and actual deficiency depends on the amount of food. Why is this option bad? The fact that the absorbed alcohol is later absorbed and the elimination phase occurs later. That is, the processing of alcohol is delayed.

In addition, everyone knows that alcohol helps break down fats, so you can’t find a snack for a better drink than meat, fat. Here, alcohol is really needed as a means to improve digestion. And by the way, no one has erased the effects of alcohol as an appetizer. It is intended for aperitifs, and after a hearty dinner it is not bad to drink a little herbal tincture, it is also good for the body to start digesting heavy foods.

Alcohol may be deficient when working for companies involved in the inhalation of heavy metals, chemicals and other substances. Therefore, we recommend that people take 100 grams. vodka before dinner. This is due to the disinfectant properties of alcohols, which help to partially neutralize the harmful effects of toxins received by the body at work.

Advice!These drinking opportunities should never be confused with alcoholism. In order not to harm yourself, you need to adhere to the above norm and not convince yourself that the more I drink, the healthier I will be.

Alcohol consumption rate depending on the type of alcohol

The majority of spirits are made from cereals and / or grapes. The second drinking option is one of the most harmless. We figure out how much to drink wine, vodka and other drinks to live on and not remember the damage to our own health.

How much wine can you eat?

how much alcohol can you drink

Doctors allow 200-350 ml of wine for men and 150-200 ml for women. We are talking about natural wine that should not be drunk with a bite, but consumed in small sips. Whoever drinks the specified amount of wine, the body receives the necessary food with nutrients. Here's how:

  1. Protection of blood vessels, heart. The ability of alcohol to dilate blood vessels, along with the vitamin complexes found in wine, has the most beneficial effect on a person’s CVS;
  2. Prevention of tumor pathologies. The wine contains enough elements to prevent the development of cancer;
  3. Prevention of prostate diseases. It was confirmed that men who consumed the indicated amount of wine were less likely to visit a doctor, and patients retained their strength for a much longer period of time than those who refused to drink in any form;
  4. Promoting immunity is especially important when there is a lack of vitamins and minerals in harsh climatic conditions.

Wine is beneficial not only for men but also for women - huge amounts of natural antioxidants slow down aging. However, you should not abuse the amount of drinking, exceeding the norm will not contribute to the increase in effect. Of course, all the necessary nutrients in wine are found in other products, but sometimes it’s good to drink a glass of red wine.

How much vodka can you eat?

What about people who only drink vodka? Drink, of course, but adhere to the indicated amounts. Remember that the norms are 60 ml for men and 45 ml for women. This is enough to keep the drinker from getting drunk and overloading the liver and kidneys.

The period of toxin removal, provided the patient begins to drink the norm, is about an hour, during which time the ethanol has no time to harm the body and is excreted without much effort. But a number of conditions are not met by drinkers:

  1. It is best to drink at a time when the body is ready to neutralize all substances, usually between 18: 00 and 00: 00;
  2. A long break is needed between toasts, it is best to take breaks of 25-30 minutes or longer;
  3. Excessive consumption should not be allowed: drinking 50 ml every other day is not at all the same as drinking large doses of one-off alcoholic beverages;
  4. It is strictly forbidden to mix vodka with other alcohol. Once you’ve consumed strong alcohol, don’t wash it with beer - a cocktail leads to rapid poisoning and vodka won’t be helpful, it’s more harmful.

The standards for alcohol are clear, and how often you can drink still needs to be explored. Doctors say vodka is only drunk to make you drunk, but the drink has its own therapeutic properties:

  • Alcohol users are less likely to see a doctor about heart ischemia;
  • If you drink vodka, the formation of atherosclerotic plaques is reduced;
  • Moderate alcohol consumption inhibits the risk of arthritis;
  • Acceptance of vodka in acceptable doses prevents the onset and development of oncological diseases;
  • Alcohol can lower blood pressure - the effect of the drink is short-lived, so this method should not be used as a panacea.

The analgesic effect of alcohol has been proven by people who rarely drink: a little vodka relieves headaches, toothaches. In the latter case, the cotton swab is impregnated with alcohol and lubricated in the area of pain. Obviously, there are benefits to vodka, and a strong drink can be drunk without any particular harm. But doctors believe that alcohol should be treated with great caution: most often, people who drank little but often became addicted to alcohol (especially women), which became addictive.

It all depends on what kind of drink and how much to drink. The question of what alcoholism is, how often to take a dose of alcohol remains open. People’s gender, health status and age are also taken into account. If we are talking about a strong area, men who do not harm their health can drink 3-4 times a week, and if a lovely half of humanity takes place, you will get a bottle of drinking after a year of this intensity. Men are much more resilient than women, they are structural features of the body, so they need more alcohol to become addicted to alcohol.

How much wine, vodka or cognac to drink and how many times a month to indulge in the holidays - decide for yourself. If friends often suggest: let’s go and have a drink for the sake of the mood - it’s better to stick to the indicated drinking standards. And in general, think about whether we should drink today or sober up these days.

Drink beer

As for beer, doctors are categorical: the norm of daily intake is 0, 5 liters. and no more! At the same time, you should be aware that there are many beer diet myths as well as the indicated freshness of "live" beer that is considered the most useful.

Fact!The beer can only be used for a few months after the spill - the expiration date is on the container. The useful life of "live" beer is not even calculated in days or hours - 2-2, 5 hours after brewing, the drink begins to weaken in the useful properties, vitamins and minerals needed by the body.

In the case of beer, a thorough calculation of calories is also required, this applies to girls. The drink has an insidious property - no matter how much you drink, you constantly want more. Which leads to frequent poisoning despite low alcohol content. You can drink, but rarely and little, but it’s best to pay attention to something harmless, harmless, like kvass or kefir.