How to get someone to stop drinking alcohol

Living with a drinking man is far from every girl's dream. Therefore, many relatives and relatives of alcoholics try with all their might to return to a full and healthy life without alcohol. But, unfortunately, not everyone succeeds, since most drunkards do not want to give up this bad habit of their own accord, so relatives have to take all the initiatives into their own hands and try to solve the problem on their own. Modern methods of treating alcoholism, which are often carried out without the knowledge of the alcoholic, can help with this. How do you get a person to stop drinking? If you are interested in the answer to this question, you should carefully study the "requirements" of the alcoholic and make the right decision about his treatment.


The first and most correct decision is to calmly talk to a drinking person and ask him to stop drinking alcohol, because every liter of beer or any other drink significantly worsens a person's health. If alcohol consumption is associated with problems with family, friends or hard work, the drinker can stop drinking quite quickly, especially if he feels supported by loved ones.

how to get rid of alcohol addiction

Many drunks understand that any alcoholic drink, even as a treatment, greatly impairs the functioning of the liver and other organs. However, they cannot do anything, as the body constantly requires the intake of alcohol. If you can't convince someone, you have to explain to them the dangers of alcohol, the difficult life ahead and the possible health problems that result from constant drinking. In general, the quality of the future life is of great concern to alcoholics, as they are afraid of everything that will hinder their existence in the future.

It is also worth persuading the drinker if he suffers from severe body poisoning after the "stormy feast" the next day. In this case, the alcoholic will certainly remember all the unpleasant sensations in the morning, especially if it passes for a very long time.

Important: drinkers do not always perceive all the information that relatives tell them for the first time, therefore, after preparing for the conversation, you should consider some rules:

  • do not talk to a drunk person until he has completely sobered up and returned to normal life - in this case, he will not be able to understand the full truth of the instructions;
  • do not force a person to abandon bad habits while experiencing a hangover;
  • there is no need to try to evoke pity and ask the drunkard to stop drinking alcohol, as well as to make scandals, even if the person is sober - so you cannot force him to stop his bad habit: the conversation should be calm. and "soft";
  • you can try to threaten, saying that with constant drinking the drinker will lose his family and friends, but in this case you should be ready to carry out such a threat;
  • to persuade the alcoholic to stop drinking, you can try to contact a narcologist - if successful, the patient can immediately go to the hospital for treatment.

If it was not possible to force yourself to stop drinking, you can try to make a list of motivations that describe all the positive qualities of this undertaking, from restoring health to improving the quality of life of your family. Such a list might look something like this:

  • Instead of drinking, do something interesting and exciting that will help you grow and develop.
  • Say no to alcoholic beverages and earn your children's respect.
  • You can stop drinking and save up for a vacation or something unusual.
how to quit drinking alcohol

The reasons for drinking alcohol are different: someone drinks to forget, and someone drinks for fun or a hobby. Therefore, if it was not possible to force a person to stop drinking, you need to find the reasons why he drinks, and only then try to cure him.

He is taking medication or being treated at a clinic

If it was not possible to convince a person to stop drinking with words, then you can try to advise the drinker to take special drops or tablets that will help the aversion to alcoholic beverages. Modern drugs can quickly induce an aversion to alcohol, namely:

  • drugs cause an aversion to smells;
  • reason;
  • taste of alcohol.

Only a doctor who takes into account the state of the body and determines the stage of poisoning of a person can prescribe pills.

alcohol withdrawal image

If the drunk does not want to take drugs, he can mix them in his food and drinks (including alcohol) - after 5 minutes he will feel sick and stop drinking.

Important: anti-alcohol preparations contain an active ingredient (cyanamide) that prevents the rapid and normal processing of alcohol in the body. This leads to general intoxication, as a result of which alcohol products cannot be excreted from the body. A person at this point becomes so sick that it is unlikely that he will drink again.

If the patient himself decided to take the pills, then he will not want to drink alcohol again, because in addition to a strong psychological factor, the medicine will not allow him to. If an alcoholic wants to stop drinking, he can treat himself in a clinic, where doctors will do everything for a quick recovery. The advantages of this treatment are clear:

  • continuous monitoring of the patient;
  • helps restore organs damaged by excessive alcohol consumption;
  • important psychological support for a drunk.

It became clear how to convince a person to stop drinking with the help of drugs. But if the drinker does not want to take it, or if it is forbidden to treat it for health reasons, then you can ask for help from folk recipes that help the alcoholic to say goodbye to this bad habit.

Folk methods of treating alcoholism

It is important to note that traditional medicine is more effective in this matter, since such methods affect all organisms equally and have no side effects. To stop drinking, you can drink large amounts of decoctions and teas from herbs, infusions from fruits, berries, etc. The most famous recipes are:

  • You can try adding green bugs to alcohol, which quickly creates an unpleasant smell and taste, leading to early disgust.
  • Pepper helps to protect a person from drinking - for this, a tincture of red pepper and alcohol must be made at a ratio of 20 grams per 500 ml. Add this mixture drop by drop to alcohol and the person will immediately reject it.
  • If these methods do not help, you can let a person inhale birch smoke, which can cause a strong aversion to alcoholic products.
how does a drunk person stop drinking

In most cases, these methods help to quickly overcome the craving for alcohol, but in order to be more confident in the quality of the treatment, the patient must stop drinking himself.