How to stop drinking once and for all?

Alcohol dependence is a serious illness. Narcologists say it is impossible to completely cure alcoholism. But many people really sincerely want to get rid of their addiction. Therefore, this issue is currently very topical. So how do you stop drinking permanently?

Why and when should you stop drinking?

Often, an addict does not want to admit their illness at all. Therefore, for many, it is a very difficult task to quit drinking on their own. And even those who choose the right path sometimes fail and explode.

man drinking alcohol how to quit

First, it is worth saying that it is impossible to cure a neglected addiction alone. This requires medical intervention.

You should consider treatment if:

  1. Drink alcoholic drinks several times a month.
  2. Without alcohol, he is unable to relax and unwind.
  3. You can't drink in moderation, but you get drunk until you lose consciousness.

If at least one of the signs applies to you, there is a risk of alcoholism. Alcohol dependence occurs much earlier than you would notice, so you should take immediate action and not delay treatment until tomorrow.

The main task is to make one want to stop drinking. Neither the persuasion of relatives, nor health problems, nor the loss of work and family should affect a dependent. Without your own desire and motivation, it is impossible to stop drinking alone, only a temporary effect can be achieved.

A lot of people on the internet say, "I want to stop drinking. " But they don’t know how to do it. Some do not have enough willpower, others wait for the right moment, still others do not see another life.

give up alcohol

If you decide to start your life without alcohol, decide why you should stop drinking. What is more important to you: alcohol or a healthy life?

It's always worth remembering "what I want":

  • I want to stop drinking so I can live a full life and enjoy every moment of it.
  • I want to get used to alcohol so that I don’t get serious illnesses and diseases.
  • I want to do everything again and live without alcohol.

And keep in mind the following rules:

  • Drink only on holidays.
  • Only drink alcohol in moderation.

Treatment of alcoholism

There are many ways to stop drinking. Maybe medications help someone and someone prefers to treat them in folk ways.

The most effective and efficient way to get rid of your craving for alcohol is to go to hospital. There are many treatment methods and methods today. Coding alcohol dependence is a complex treatment with medication and psychological effects on the patient.

See a doctor to treat alcoholism

The following encoding methods exist:

  • Medical. It consists of taking tablets, sewing in alcohol blockers, and administering alcohol inhibitors. The aim of the method is to develop aversion to alcoholic beverages and to neutralize the effects of alcohol consumption.
  • Hardware. Use of electro-pulse or convulsive therapy, hyperthermic methods, laser exposure.
  • Psychotherapy. It consists of applying various authorial methods to the psychological impact on a person.
  • Hypnosis.

After a full course of treatment, the craving for alcoholic beverages is suppressed, and the body recovers after a strong and prolonged alcohol intoxication. One begins to recognize one’s situation, and a sense of self-sufficiency helps one get rid of alcohol forever.

Almost all drugs used to treat alcoholics can accumulate and, when they interact with ethyl alcohol, trigger an immediate reaction that worsens the condition and manifests side effects.

Competent doctors help one's aversion to alcoholic beverages, and psychologists find new life goals and attitudes in which alcohol has no place.


If you decide to stop drinking alone, you need to set yourself a specific goal first and foremost. Understand exactly what you want to achieve in life and how alcohol prevents you from achieving it. Medicines sold in pharmacies help reduce cravings for alcohol.

drops for the treatment of alcoholism

But it is worth noting that medications should be taken very carefully. The drugs have contraindications and side effects. Read the instructions for use and dosage carefully before use. Sometimes even the slightest overdose of the drug can have serious consequences and even death. It's good to see a doctor first.

All drugs, when they interact with alcoholic beverages, cause a strong side reaction, so if you are trying to cure an addict without your knowledge, you need to be extremely careful.

Folk ways

When anti-alcoholism drugs had not yet been invented, people used folk recipes. How to stop drinking forever with natural ingredients?

There are many ways to leave a bad habit alone. And the remedy is optional for a particular alcoholic.

  1. Bay leaf. The simplest and most common cure that can help with alcoholism is laurel. The leaves are poured off with boiling water and soaked.
  2. herbs for the treatment of alcoholism
  3. Herb collection. Field mint, burdock, sorrel, horseradish and motherwort. Pour the herbs in equal proportions with boiling water and stick to it, then drink in small portions. It is believed that such a decoction not only helps to get rid of alcohol, but also cleanses your addicted body of accumulated toxins and toxins.
  4. Herbal decoction of violets, thyme, sage, mint and rosemary. Pour the herb collection on the floor with a liter of vodka and let it cook. The resulting tincture should be taken in 1 tablespoon daily, increasing to 6 tablespoons and then decreasing again to 1.

When it comes to herbs, you need to know that some of them are allergenic and even toxic because everyone may react differently to a particular recipe.

There are also recipes that are disgusting with alcohol.

  1. Bed bug. The insects were added to a bottle of vodka and infused for about a week. The resulting tincture was given to an addict to drink. The color, smell, and taste of the alcohol did not change, but a sharp reaction developed and the person completely refused to drink alcohol.
  2. bug for alcohol withdrawal
  3. Puppeteer. Pour 1 teaspoon of the root of the plant with 50 grams of boiling water and stick to it. Then add 15 drops to a bottle of vodka and let it drink. Severe vomiting occurs after which the person refuses to drink. If no reaction occurs, the procedure must be repeated. But the puppet is a poisonous plant, so quitting alcohol with this drug is under the supervision and control of a specialist.
  4. Mix the hoof root and the strong black pepper in equal proportions. Grind to a powder and use as a seasoning. Regular use of such spices can, over time, provoke aversion to alcohol.

Of course, the effectiveness of each recipe can only be tested on your own body. It all depends on the individual characteristics. The methods really helped someone, but someone never experienced the result.

As already mentioned, the onset of alcohol rejection is the patient’s own desire. Awareness of a destructive habit, a desire to change lives and get rid of alcohol - this is the main cure for alcoholism. And if one is happy with one’s situation, one is happy, no method, no medication and no persuasion will help in this situation. Take care of your health, sooner or later the negative effects of alcohol will be felt.