How to stop drinking at home: tips

Alcoholics almost every day promise to stop drinking. Unfortunately, most relatives find it impossible to cope with the disease alone. So how can you stop drinking at home and actually do it?

The Psychology of an Alcoholic: What Prevents You from Quitting Drinking?

Without psychological support, it is quite difficult to quit drinking, not only because of the strong chemical bond, but also because of a certain mindset of the alcoholic. The following psychological considerations prevent a drinker from coping with addiction:

  • inability to express love. Under the influence of alcohol, the soul of the drinker feels lightness, while he begins to love not only those around him but himself. Self-esteem wakes up and criticality disappears. After the effects of alcohol have passed, negative emotions, guilt, and pity return that do not go away until a new dose is taken;
  • supersaturation with negative emotions. Spiritual pain is the most common companion for an alcoholic. Sometimes this condition can only be suppressed with alcohol. Moreover, the more an alcoholic drinks, the more painful the seizures of spiritual pain, and the more alcohol is needed to quell it;
  • presence of complexes. In this case, we are talking about complexes that develop over a lifetime, such as when parents encourage a child not to succeed, or worse than other children. Alcohol allows you to "let go" of complexes for a while, one feels strong, beautiful, successful;
  • lack of ability to deal with difficulties. If one has made decisions all the time throughout one’s life, then when one finds oneself in a difficult situation, one finds oneself in an environment for which one is not fully prepared. In addition, people who, on the contrary, have been entrusted with too much responsibility often get drunk.

Is it possible to stop drinking at home?

According to the famous phrase - nothing is impossible in the world! You can also stop drinking at home, but according to statistics provided by psychotherapists, only 2-5% of alcoholics succeed. What should we do to be among the "lucky ones" who have been able to change their lives?

First, you can only stop if your relatives and friends support you. At the same time, it must be understood that any pressure on the alcoholic the moment he tries to recover can throw the whole process back a long way.

According to statistics, a very small percentage of alcoholics manage to quit drinking on their own.

Second, changing the environment is extremely important. Drinking companions are unlikely to be called best friends. These are just familiar people who, by the will of fate, ended up with an addict in the same boat, but no more.

The duration of the bite is another criterion that allows the question to be answered. If the eating lasted for 1-1, 5 weeks, the problem can be tackled on its own, however, in the initial stages of recovery, it cannot be without the help of a psychotherapist for prolonged failures.

Common tactics to avoid alcohol

Quitting alcohol requires a complete transformation of lifestyle and thinking. In order to make this period as comfortable and uncomplicated as possible, experts recommend special tactics. Its main activities are:

  • disease recognition. You don’t have to deny the problem, to do so you can go in front of the mirror and honestly admit to yourself that you have an illness. This is an important condition for not drinking;
  • gaining the ability to control the feeling of drinking. When you have an intolerable urge to drink a dose of alcohol, you can start saying the phrase, "I don’t drink anymore. " The substitution method is also very effective, for example, you can replace drinking with running or reading: as soon as you feel like drinking, pick up an interesting book. or go for a run;
  • start a contrast shower. This procedure can be repeated 2-3 times a day. This strengthens the vascular system and reduces the urge to drink;
  • drink plenty of fluids and avoid spicy foods. It is important to drink at least 10 glasses of clean water a day;
  • avoid old companies. This rule applies not only to companies, but also to places where you have spent time before. It is best to change the route and not go past the bars.

Once you have learned to get around drinking places and your craving for alcohol weakens, you can continue to recover your body overall. To do this, you can do a comprehensive test, take multivitamins, or sign up for a gym. Keep in mind that the atmosphere around you should be positive: walk more, watch comedies and visit cultural sites.

To cure alcohol dependence, avoid drinkers, walk more

Folk remedies that cause aversion to alcohol

Treatment with folk remedies is not a panacea. Consult a professional before using this or that recipe. In addition, the dose should not be exceeded in any case, as many folk remedies for the treatment of alcoholism are based on poisonous plants.

Puppet potion and hoof

The roots of the puppet actor and hoof must be taken out for the decoction. The crushed raw materials are mixed and a teaspoon (no more) is taken from the roots, which is poured into a glass of boiling water. The medicine should be infused for one hour and then filtered. To induce lasting disgust in an alcoholic, a 10-15 drop infusion of a bottle of vodka is required. Store the product itself in a dark and cool place. After drinking the addicted vodka by infusion, you will experience severe vomiting, general weakness, and dizziness. After a while, the patient develops an aversion to alcohol and cannot drink alcohol at all.

Stinging nettle

To prepare the decoction, pour 4 tablespoons of herbs into ½ liters of boiling water. The soup is then placed in a water bath and heated for about 20-30 minutes. When the broth has cooled slightly, it should be filtered and placed in a cool place. The medicine should be taken according to a strict schedule - twice a day before meals for a month. The medicine is usually given as a liver medicine or other medicine. After a month of taking an alcoholic, you really develop a feeling of intolerance to alcohol.

Fungal manure beetles from alcoholism

To do this, the manure mushrooms are collected, washed thoroughly and fried. It can be mixed with potatoes or added to any other food and served alcoholic. The substances in the fungi interact with the alcohol, while the effects on the body take the form of poisoning. You can use the mushroom for the treatment until the alcoholic stops drinking. With this device, you can stop drinking at home within 1-1, 5 months.

Raspberry bugs

Our grandmothers also used this tool. To induce lasting aversion to alcohol, you need to catch two raspberry beetles (a small bug with an unpleasant odor). The insects are then crushed and thrown into a bottle of vodka, and the container is removed in a dark, warm place for 2-3 days. After the time has elapsed, the alcohol is filtered off and put in its usual place. A few glasses of this tincture does not cause the most pleasant sensations in an alcoholic.

lovage root

The root infusion is prepared as follows - 3 tablespoons of raw material are poured into a glass of vodka and cleaned in a dark place for 2 weeks. During the infusion period, it is important to shake the mixture once a day. After two weeks, the product is filtered and divided into two portions. The first dose is given to the alcoholic on the first day and the second on the following day. The root causes severe poisoning, stomach pain, and diarrhea, against which alcohol aversion develops.

Lovage root, which in the alcoholic causes aversion to alcohol

Medication for alcohol dependence

Alcoholism is treated with psychotherapeutic methods that allow the causes of the addiction to be explored, as well as with medication. The following are the most effective medications that reduce the craving for alcohol:

  • A cyanamide-based drug that reduces cravings for alcohol is tasteless and odorless, making it easy to add to any beverage or product. The duration of treatment is about 14 days, and the first changes are seen after the first dose;
  • It is a homeopathic medicine (antibodies against the brain-specific protein S-100) that reduces the craving for alcohol and has virtually no side effects. However, a fairly long treatment is required to achieve the result. This is the best medicine if there is no willpower;
  • An inhibitor of the enzyme acetaldehyde dehydrogenase is a tablet that slows down the process of breaking down alcohol, causing the toxic components of alcohol to pass through the bloodstream throughout the body, causing severe poisoning. However, alcoholism can cause headaches, fever, diarrhea, joint pain, and so on.

Any medication that suppresses the urge to drink should only be prescribed by a doctor.

Coding techniques

Coding is another way to treat alcoholism. Alcohol dependence can be eliminated in the following ways:

  • hypnotic effect. The essence of this method lies in the rather strong psychological and hypnotic effect it has on the psyche and mindset of the alcoholic;
  • drug therapy. This method works in two directions at once. The effect is exerted not only on the patient's psyche, but also on the general condition of the body with special preparations.

In addition, there are a number of alternative methods that affect an individual’s image of alcohol and allow a man or woman not to drink alcohol at all.

Literature to help you stop drinking

The role of the literature in the treatment of alcoholism is difficult to overestimate. The right books are the easiest way to get rid of alcoholism. In addition, they allow a person to look at the problem from a different perspective and give them the opportunity to give up alcohol on their own.

There is a lot of good literature on this topic on the internet.

How to organize your time after quitting alcohol?

The emptiness that is formed in the soul of the alcoholic after he refuses to drink alcohol can make him drink alcohol again. In order to prevent this from happening, it is necessary to organize your free time properly. The most effective methods in this situation are:

  • sports. You can start walking to the gym, swimming pool or yoga classes;
  • to communicate with people who are in a similar situation. Alcoholics Anonymous clubs are available in almost every city, otherwise you can meet such people on specialized forums on the Internet;
  • self-education. For self-realization and self-esteem, you can go to college and learn a profession that you really love. Plus, quitting alcohol is the best time to make your desires come true. If you’ve ever dreamed of mastering sheet music, now’s the time to do it.

It is important to understand that drinking can only be stopped after a lifestyle and worldview change. In other words, you have to become a new person. In order not to think about what to do when you stop drinking, it is best to think ahead with an action plan.

Conclusion and conclusion

Treating alcoholism is a long and complex process in which all relatives and friends of the patient must be involved. It is important for the patient to give the right attitude and choose truly effective methods. Also, don’t forget to seek professional psychotherapy help. Your therapist will tell you how to stop drinking at home.