Why can't I drink alcohol while taking antibiotics?

antibiotics why not alcohol

Every person gets sick at times. And then you need to take special medications - antibiotics.

However, these drugs can have a bad effect on the body if used incorrectly. In particular, doctors categorically prohibit the combination of drugs and alcoholic beverages.

But there are those who do not attach importance to this and violate the ban. After all, they don’t know why you shouldn’t drink alcohol when you’re taking antibiotics, and how long after that you shouldn’t drink alcohol after antibiotics.

But not following the recommendations of professionals can cause serious health problems.

Why can't I drink alcohol while taking antibiotics?

Alcoholic beverages are generally not the healthiest products. And in everyday life it is completely possible without it. And even more so if you are sick. In fact, one of the main areas of therapy during this period will be strengthening the immune system. Alcohol, on the contrary, can reduce the effectiveness of the body’s natural defenses. This means that bacteria and viruses that kill antibiotics multiply faster, and new individuals are already developing resistance to the drug, which is why it doesn’t help. But this is just one of the reasons why you should not drink alcohol while taking antibiotics. There are others. For example, if consumed at the same time, one will feel much worse. In addition to the symptoms of the disease, he has shortness of breath, palpitations, tinnitus, and dizziness. The load on the liver is doubled as both drugs and alcohol negatively affect it, and the digestive system and kidneys also suffer. Which could lead to serious problems in the future. In addition, it is possible that an allergic reaction may occur when alcohol and antibiotics are used together. And its symptoms must be endured until the decomposition products of ethyl alcohol are excreted from the body.

How much alcohol should not be drunk after taking antibiotics?

consumption of antibiotics and alcohol

Many people are also interested in the question of how many days after antibiotics you should not drink alcohol.

Alcohol is prohibited after taking antibiotics and for a few hours after taking the medication and for a few days (or better weeks) after stopping treatment.

It should not be forgotten that the drugs affect the body for at least a day and some of them stay in the blood for a week.

Therefore, you can drink alcohol after waiting at least seven days, or better yet, extend this period to two or even three weeks to completely eliminate the appearance of negative side effects.