An easy way to stop drinking

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On July 15, 1983, Allen Carr, an avid smoker with thirty years of experience, extinguished a freshly smoked cigarette and announced the discovery of a new way to quit nicotine. A method that allows any smoker to quit a bad habit once and for all - without willpower, tricks or substitutes, without suffering from withdrawal syndrome, would be overweight and most importantly, without having to struggle for the rest of their liveswould spend it wishing to secretly smoke in fear that a party without cigarettes would not be so much fun and without stress it would not be possible to cope without cigarettes at all.

At that moment, few could believe in the reality of such a magical healing. After all, everyone knew that quitting smoking required tremendous willpower, usually with weight gain and the painful consequences of nicotine abstinence. In general, quitting smoking is as difficult as conquering Mount Everest. Unfortunately, millions of smokers suffer from this delusion.

Given the thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars that doctors have spent looking for an effective way to quit nicotine, it is completely understandable how difficult it is for them to believe that a former smoker, without a medical degree, alone coped with a problem that professionals did not. they can solve. to defeat. This is more believed by members of the Alcoholics Anonymous. As an anonymous alcoholic, I am aware that millions owe their lives not to doctors but to comrades.

Allen Carr is now widely recognized around the world as a leading expert in helping smokers get rid of their bad habits. His first book, Easy Ways to Quit Smoking has been a bestseller since 1985, when Penguin first appeared. This book has been translated into more than 20 languages and has become a bestseller in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Based on the Allen Carr method, a worldwide network of clinics was created.

I first heard about Allen Carr from friends who received treatment at her clinic and were very happy with the results. I was skeptical about these enthusiasms because most people at the time had only stopped smoking a few days ago. I had no doubt that they had paid a fortune for the latest "magical" medicine and were trying to persuade me to fall for the same bait. I don’t believe in it myself now, but then I wanted them to go back to the old habit. It annoyed me that it didn’t bother them at all when I smoked in their presence, and I gradually realized that they were sincerely enjoying their new life. Instead of compassion for losing the joy of smoking, I began to envy them.

For many years, I felt like a pariah because I continued to smoke. As an ever-fluctuating member of the "fraternity, " I was fully aware that alcohol was ruining my life. My objection was that I considered alcohol to be a basic social prop. Now, because of my alcohol addiction, I felt like a pariah again. So I ended up at the Allen Carr Clinic. With full confidence that this would not help me, I did not say a word of my intention to even my wife, let alone my friends. Four hours later, when I left the clinic, I was happy to tell the whole world.

Carr argues that his method is equally effective for all types of addictions. I am glad to witness that this method not only saved me from smoking, but also helped me wake up from the nightmare that dominates my life - alcoholism. I was once convinced that alcoholism was incurable. Carr proved I was wrong. Today, I’m just sorry I didn’t know anything about Allen Carr before. Don’t worry if you’re skeptical at first. That's exactly what Allen expects of you. I will not talk about how his method works and how effective it is. I can only say one thing: when you finish this book, it will be a mystery to you because you have not understood such obvious things before. Enjoy the book!

Emanuel Johnson

An easy way to stop drinking

More than twenty years ago, I was able to prove that any smoker can easily quit smoking. After discovering this method, I seriously expected that smoking would be a thing of the past in a few years. In fact, since then, my most conservative estimate, my method has freed more than five million people from this habit. For most of them, quitting nicotine was easy and enjoyable. However, there are millions of other people in the world who have not heard of Allen Carr or his method. I see the reason for this only in that it takes a certain amount of time for us to abandon the generally accepted dogma. After all, everyone knows how hard it is to quit smoking.

For much of our history, we have believed that the Earth is flat and at the center of the universe. It is well known that tremendous willpower is needed to combat alcohol dependence, including several unsuccessful attempts to consume alcohol. They also think that regulating their drinking habits is the most difficult for those who need it most.

If I have a hard time convincing people that there is an easy and pleasant way to quit smoking, how much effort does it take to convince anyone that they can easily, permanently, and immediately solve the problem of alcohol on their own? If you suspect that you are an alcoholic or already consider yourself an alcoholic, Alcoholics Anonymous (A. A. ), known for his authority on alcoholism, is unlikely to do me a favor by making a categorical statement:

"Alcoholism is a chronic disease for which there is no known cure. "

Unfortunately, this opinion enjoys the active support of many well-known doctors, the media and society in general. The belief that alcoholism is incurable is so deeply rooted that I will not be offended if you throw this book in the trash without opening it. But please don't do this. Many doctors do not share the views of A. A. and other similar organizations, but are very reluctant to talk about their objections on national television.

One of the most serious consequences of alcoholism is that the victim is left without money. Sufficiently wealthy people whose alcohol status is uncontrollable can go for rehabilitation, but for the vast majority of alcoholics, AA is the only way to provide effective help. So why do I question the essence of A. A. ’s strategy: the idea that alcoholism is a disease for which there is no known cure?

Because it's based on a delusion!

What attracts me most at the AA meetings is that any speaker who has been given the floor can make any kind of scandalous statement, sobb calmly or express anger, use expressions that would blush from the sergeant of a construction battalion, and all this to the audience. . . . Politicians should be required to attend AA meetings to learn the debate.

I understand that some of my judgments can evoke different feelings from you, from relief to anger, fear, and disbelief. But whoever you consider yourself to be, an alcoholic with less alcohol dependence or a full recovery, or vice versa, I only have good news for you. I just ask one thing: do the same service as the rapporteur for any A. A. meeting.

Let me make it clear that whatever I say about A. A. I am by no means your opponent or competitor. For most alcoholics, A. A. is the only help available. However, according to the teachings of this society, alcoholism is incurable and the road to healing can be long and painful. Imagine if there was a universal, simple and inexpensive drug for anyone with alcohol dependence:

  • He took action immediately!
  • It always worked!
  • It did not require any voluntary effort!
  • It has eliminated the suffering of withdrawal symptoms!
  • It made it possible to get more joy from the holidays!
  • It helped you cope better with stress!
  • He didn’t wake up sacrifice or deprivation and didn’t have to constantly struggle with temptation!

It’s probably easier to believe in fairy tales. But imagine for a moment that such a drug exists. Suppose A. A. will use it. How long do you think alcoholism affects our planet? Which sane person would deny the use of such a remedy?

But it exists. It's in your hands. If you’ve read so far, you’re a little worried about the problem of alcohol abuse. In my opinion, in this case, it would not be wise not to read the book until the end. It is only natural to inquire about a remedy, especially when it is claimed to have an immediate and lasting effect, it is light and easy to apply.

Why should you trust me? And I'm not asking you. On the contrary, I am ready to accept your skepticism. An important part of my method is not only to question all my statements that I say, but all of your attitudes about alcohol and alcoholism that you have perceived as hitherto unchangeable truth.

When I first announced that my method would make it easy for anyone to quit smoking, it was considered a joke by my family and close friends. They were gentle enough not to laugh in my face, but it was clear that they considered me a potential patient in a mental hospital.

Not surprisingly, considering that I’ve tried to quit smoking countless times, and I’ve made that statement by extinguishing a freshly smoked cigarette. Today, passers-by stop on the street and thank me for saving the lives of my own close friend or relative. Every day I receive letters in which they write to me that I am a genius and offer to be inaugurated as a knight or even a saint. They even offered me a seat on the royal podium in Ascot, but personally I think that’s too much. Such honors exceed my merits.

Like all great discoveries, the Easy Way is more a manifestation of luck than any genius of my nature. In fact, the honor and respect that surrounds us today is still embarrassing. But like all normal people, I can’t help but rejoice in that. All of this has helped make it happen, and I don’t risk my reputation in the slightest with statements I can’t support.

If you are a demanding person, you have probably already asked yourself the question:

"If Allen Carr’s method is as unique as he claims, why not use AA, ASH, QUIT, authorities, and so on. There is no doubt that with modern means of communication, this method of treatment can spread like a hurricane around the world. "

You may be wondering why people from all over the world come to consult this humble, lonely loner with no medical background who doesn’t even advertise his method, and why he is a widely recognized leading expert in the world. There is only one simple answer:

The simple method is effective!

Perhaps you get the impression that mainstream medicine is objecting to my method. Indeed, he was first considered a cheater and a charlatan. But today, doctors seek help from our clinics more often than representatives of other professions, and they hear most of the recommendations from doctors and nurses. The medical profession is extremely responsible and stressful, which makes doctors more vulnerable to drug traps than ordinary people, especially when they consider that they have open access to medicines.

If an ordinary GP decided to apply my method to his patients, he failed. Full treatment requires at least four hours of therapy and one year of specialist training. Organizations like DRINKLINE, [ASH, and QUIT] are charities run by well-meaning amateurs and most of the time are not personally familiar with these issues. Their recommendations can be traced back to the broken commonplaces that have already caused their previous failures and failures.

Nevertheless, I am confident that the AA members who have walked this pit have the experience, expertise, motivation and enthusiasm. If you add the necessary information to their recommendations, perhaps in a few years, alcoholism will only remain in the school history course.

This means that Easy Way cannot function without the support of an organization like A. A.? No no. Patients come to our clinic in despair, convinced that they will only get rid of their addiction after weeks, months, or even years of torture. Most people believe that even if the problem is solved successfully, the holidays will no longer be so much fun, there will be nothing to relieve stress, and they will have to fight the temptation throughout their lives.

"Let's just wait! Wait. I've been drinking for over 30 years. Don't be considered a fool. There's no way I can recover in four hours. "

I never said you could be healed in four hours. I said your problem could be solved in four hours. Have you noticed that the toothache that has been torturing you for weeks will miraculously disappear as soon as you gather your courage to go to the doctor? This is the "law of meanness. "

Have you ever noticed the unhappy facial expressions of people entering the dental office and the fact that they can barely hold back a happy smile when they leave the dental chair? Toothache can be relieved by soothing or removing the tooth. The recovery period after such pain may take longer. The gums remain inflamed for several days. But regardless of the inflammation, leaving the doctor’s office makes you feel happy, especially when it’s your last visit to him.

This applies to any physical or mental problem: you feel strength and confidence if you know the solution. The more severe the problem, the more tormented you are, the more convinced you are of your hopelessness, the more uplifted you will feel when you find a solution.

- But how can a simple and quick solution to long and complex problems like alcoholism be found?

Imagine being imprisoned in a cell with a combination lock. You can spend years choosing the code and you won’t get anywhere. But if I enter the code, you will be released immediately, easily, and forever.

- But alcoholism is quite different.

Alcoholism is exactly that, and The Easy Way is the master key to prison constipation.

So is this book just an advertisement for Allen Carr’s clinics? No. It offers the same treatment and is sufficient on its own. Clinics and the book are different ways of the same treatment. The advantage of the clinic is its ability to ask questions to a trained therapist and discuss contentious issues with him or her on site. Unfortunately, this is not possible with a book.

Your doctor can also tell you if you have missed something important. Of course, the book can't do that. I stated that the treatment was immediate. Obviously, it gives immediate effect only after the course is completed. Treatment at the clinic includes a four-hour session. Healing continues with the book until you read it to the end. The advantage of this book is that you can read it in your spare time. But in practice, this can be a disadvantage. I often receive emails with comments like this:

"My daughter bought me your book three years ago. "I finished reading ten days ago. How right you were! It's very good to be free. Why did I lose these three years? "

Really, why? There can be many reasons why a person will not pick up this book in any way. At the clinic, the patient will most likely go through the entire session. I personally treated more than 25, 000 people who turned to me for help. Only one patient left the meeting because her husband tricked her into visiting us.

Like many people, I hate manuals and instructions, most of which are as exciting to read as watching the paint dry out. That’s why I did everything I could to make the book fun. Hopefully I did well enough to read it to the end, as this book guarantees that you will overcome the alcohol problem on your own.

In principle, your problem can be considered solved as soon as you assimilate the information here. To do this, you need to have a fresh and sober head so you can easily focus on the task. Some people read a book in one session, but I don’t recommend it.

I have already said that recovery is guaranteed. In the event of a breakdown at the clinic, we will return the money to the patient (see the end of this book for information). I’m sorry I can’t promise to refund your money when you buy the book. You are no doubt wondering why failures happen and whether you will be one of those failures. Luck or failure has nothing to do with it.

Healing is guaranteed for every person, provided all the rules are followed. Once you have followed all the instructions, you can get rid of alcohol addiction incredibly easily. Many are happy to do so. Now you might be thinking:

"Something is wrong here. Probably his rules look something like this: take a solemn oath to never touch alcohol again, be faithful to that oath, and as soon as you feel tempted, say to yourself, "How wonderful to be free! ""

In principle, if you follow this simple instruction, it will definitely help you keep your hands on it. But I doubt it will make your life happier. Plus, we wouldn’t get that many positive reviews, and we’d achieve more than 90 percent performance if the method were about that. You may be thinking now:

"I understand. The point is, the rules are so complicated that only Einstein can follow them, and Allen Carr accuses me of being too stupid to properly understand and apply his method. "

Nothing like this. If you were smart enough to read this book, you need to be smart enough to be successful. Think of each rule as a number in the combo lock. Miss or confuse a number and the lock will not open.

So the first rule:

Follow all the rules.

Remember, more than 90 percent of patients who visit our clinic stop drinking. This is due to the fact that the prescribed rules are followed during the meeting. The same should be done when reading a book. I have already mentioned that I hate instructions and manuals; if you don’t like them either, I’m happy to report that there are only seven rules in total, and these are listed on the following pages.

According to the second rule:

Be patient.

When I say "be patient, " I mean not to go to the next parts of the book without reading all the previous material. Treat the book like a detective. In fact, it's a detective. The drug trap is the biggest scam in human history. In the words of Abraham Lincoln:

"You can deceive everyone for a while, or you can always deceive some people, but you can't deceive everyone all the time! "

This could be said about drug addiction until I discovered The Easy Way. This is not to say that everyone has become addicted, but people have been held captive by illusions all along. Like all scams, the drug can play a cruel joke even with intellectuals. But revealed deception cannot deceive even a weak-minded person.

Unlike other detective stories, this book has a different ending. For some, reading it can be sad and even tragic. But for most people, this is the happiest end of their lives. The choice is yours. You just have to follow all the rules to have a happy ending. According to the third rule:

Start reading in a good mood.

How can you do this if you are one of those who believe that alcohol dependence is in principle incurable, not to mention easy treatments? True, this is a matter of the priority of the chicken or egg. If you could travel forward in time and have a second experience of the joy that will come after reading this book, your mood could be no different.

It's like learning to jump into water. The depth of the pool is 2, 5 meters, but it seems that the bottom is not more than half a meter. The board you’re standing on is just 50 inches above the water, but you get the feeling that everything is 2. 5 feet below it. He has no doubt that he will break his head, and despite the coach’s efforts and safety, he must muster all his courage to decide to jump.

The idea of getting rid of drunkenness sometimes seems like a person who has already made several unsuccessful attempts, no less scary. Before you jump, you can experience the feeling of a novice diver. But you're not a diver. He is in a much more enviable position to get everything without losing anything. The worst that can happen is failure. In this case, your situation will not be worse than the one you started with. Follow the rules and everything will be fine.

Some people think that the easy way is to cultivate positive thinking. You know yourself: if you believe in the goal, you will achieve it. This is not necessarily the case. I always thought positively, but it didn’t help me escape the drug trap, nor did it help the prison cell. Nevertheless, positive thinking greatly increases the chances of success, and the opposite position is doomed to failure. Thus the fourth rule reads as follows:

Think positive.

Let’s leave all pessimistic thoughts. There is no point in feeling unhappy and destitute. You have to find something incredible that others find impossible - a lasting cure for alcoholism. Treat your journey through this book as an exciting endeavor as it really is. Imagine how proud your friends and family will be.

The advantage of the Easy Method is that you can continue drinking during treatment. It probably sounds incredible, but I promise that gradually everything will turn out. So the fifth rule reads:

Do not stop drinking or reduce your alcohol consumption until you have finished reading the book.

There is one exception to this. If you are undergoing rehabilitation treatment or have been abstaining from alcohol for more than a day, try to control yourself as much as possible. Sixth rule:

You should only read this book with a sober head.

The last, seventh rule is the most difficult to follow:

Be objective and open to new ideas.