How to stop drinking alcohol on your own?

If you want to say goodbye to an addiction forever and try to figure out how to stop drinking, it’s time to understand yourself and find the causes of a disease called alcoholism. Because it already has consequences - a constant desire to get drunk with strong or not too alcoholic drinks. It remains to find and eliminate the cause.

Important:it is wrong to think that alcoholism is inherent in human nature. This is a mistake. After all, if every person has a desire to consume alcohol, we would not have a single healthy representative on Earth for our pay. But at the same time, many live without psychic stimulants and there are those who have a strong addiction. What is the reason, we understand below.

Important considerations are to stop drinking alcohol on your own

problems in the family when consuming alcohol, how to stop drinking

If you’re trying to figure out how to stop drinking, you should first understand some important truths that will help you overcome alcoholism and get rid of your addiction:

  • You should not be afraid to live without alcohol. The alcoholic is mostly frightened not so much by a physical desire for alcohol and alcoholic beverages as by a change in their usual lifestyle. It is likely that a person who drinks but gives up addiction simply cannot imagine life without alcohol. That is, there will be meaningless, empty evenings for him. And what about the holidays, hiking in nature, meeting friends, and more. How can you not drink here, he thinks. In this case, you need to dismiss all fears and understand that every day, minute, and second of your life can be successfully filled with bright colors without the use of psychostimulants. And this is actually very easy to do.
  • Important:be prepared that life without alcohol will not return to normal immediately. It may take a month or two for alcoholism to fully recover. After all, the body needs time to rebuild. And the psyche noticeably recovers and guides you on the path to new healthy discoveries and acquaintances.

  • You have to work on your own to learn how to enjoy life without alcohol. A lot of work, but alcohol, a year, two and a lifetime of giving up is worth it.
  • It’s also worth remembering that if you definitely tell yourself "I don’t want to drink anymore" and try to save yourself, you’ll have to endure all the psychological and physical discomfort that the world around you can mean. Remember, a person whonot dependent on alcohol or drugs, able to endure all the worries of life more easily and stoically.
nervous breakdown when giving up alcohol

A person with alcoholism has a more pampered and whimsical psyche that requires constant protection in the form of alcohol. Be prepared to get out of life’s troubles on your own. Otherwise, everything will collapse and it will be harder to get rid of alcoholism.

  • Be prepared for the fact that you want to return to your normal state of comfort at first under the influence of drinking. It is said that all fears and problems will go away if you drink a lot. Don't be fooled. It’s just a habit that requires banal physical satisfaction.
  • Also, if you are trying to find an answer to the question of how to stop drinking alcohol, stop self-deception. We are talking about inspiration, under the influence of which he makes the following decision: "I will not use it and I no longer feel like it. " Usually, such impulses and promises come after another violent drunkenness, where the patient has "honored himself" greatly. hangover shame becomes a desire for new life. But such a guarantee lasts only a few days and then the promise is forgotten and erased under the influence of a drink. So do not flatter yourself. Prepare for a hard fight. Remember that giving up alcohol is difficult but worth it.

Eliminating the causes of alcohol dependence

In order to get rid of alcohol dependence on your own and finally be able to say with confidence that "I don't drink alcohol at all", we need to identify the causes of the disease. aspects designed to help addicts get rid of alcoholism so that they never drink again.

To learn to relax soberly

socializing with loved ones is one way to stop drinking alcohol

The most common cause of addiction is the inability to relax. Hard work, family quarrels, grief in the family, anger and other troubles in life cause some discomfort and strain the psyche. And here, alcohol acts as a lifesaver. But think about whether it is so important to release tension with strong drinks. After all, you can relax with a massage. Communicating with people dear to your heart contributes to relaxation and stress relief. You can relax and relieve stress by playing sports or listening to your favorite music. Otherwise, music therapy is a great way to relax in any situation and understand how to get rid of alcohol addiction. The key is to find direction.

Important:relaxation should not be understood as ordinary drunkenness, but in peace of mind and sobriety of thought, self-sufficiency, self-confidence, and self-confidence. Remember that alcoholic rest is wrong. This tactic is the path of least resistance chosen by the weak.

Advice:in order to master the science of healthy relaxation, you can read the literature on relaxation techniques, meditation methods. The easiest way to have healthy recreation is through sports. Active jogging or fast walking.

Recommendation:if you are pragmatic and need a clear plan of action, you can use a simple method for yourself. Write down the goals on paper and celebrate their achievement. These addictive killing techniques are ideal for those who can’t imagine their lives without planning. You can use the relaxation technique step by step. Mastering each element will elevate you significantly in your own eyes in the struggle for sobriety.

Sport through healing

exercise is one way to quit alcohol

Lack of adequate physical activity is also an indirect cause of alcoholism. As you know, labor has made man a monkey. That is, the loads on the physical plane. And without such a person, he simply descends. You feel worthless as an alien on this planet. Sports and physical activity saved me, do not want to drink. So, if you’ve given yourself the "you want to stop drinking" mindset and you want to figure out how not to crash, turn your life to sports. Start small. Let me walk in the early morning or evening at sunset. Go to the park and watch people play sports. They are fit and confident. They are tired, but they always smile. Athletes are not in a bad mood as sports stimulate endorphin hormone production. And he is the much coveted hormone of happiness that helps save him from essence and loneliness.

Important:if you drink seriously and for a long time, you should not immediately break records. So you can put a serious strain on your body. Start by listening to your body for a while.

Away from boredom

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Boredom is another common cause of alcoholism. The inability to spend their free time often pushes people on the path to alcoholism. And if you don’t know exactly how to get rid of drunkenness, you need to study yourself and find a new hobby for yourself. It will not be easy. Most often, one does not even notice what he is interested in. What I want to do. Here it is worth remembering what fascinated the school. What attracted me the most when I was a child. Maybe the stars or the planes clung together. An interesting hobby that will capture your life will quickly eliminate your drinking habits. And you can tell yourself very soon, "I don’t drink. I stopped drinking forever "and become an interesting person with a personal passion.

Advice:if you’re a football fan, let this hobby become a player and don’t sit in a bar with a beer with friends. Find a backyard soccer team that plays a few times a week and join them.

Uncertainty and coercion

depression in a man refusing alcohol

These feelings are also the causes of alcohol dependence. Insecure people often feel abandoned, sometimes unrecognizable. It is worth understanding here that not everyone can like a person. We are unique the way we are. And we will all have a friend and an admirer for sure. It could easily be somewhere very close to a man who will love you exactly because of his sweet restraint and silence. If you have difficulty with self-confidence, you can turn to a psychologist who will help you understand yourself.

Internal tension and nervousness

a lot of thoughts in his mind when he gives up alcohol

Feelings of constant agitation, nervousness, and internal tension often lead to a habit of drinking. What to do in this case? How to quit alcohol alone? Here it is to be understood that the constant internal tension operates on the principle of the compressed spring. Sooner or later, the dissolution will be resolved and a malfunction will occur. Therefore, ways to eliminate internal fuss should be sought. At the same time, fuss and tension should not be confused with excessive energy. Probably something is unconsciously bothering you. Maybe the fear of the future, the possible financial ruin, the fear of losing a loved one. A professional psychologist will help you understand the causes of nervousness in more detail. You can learn relaxation techniques and methods in a healthy way on your own.

It is important to note

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Once you understand all the possible causes of alcoholism and listen to yourself, you will surely understand which one is yours and start working to fix the situation. Keep in mind that if you can’t find a reason, attempts to stop drinking will be in vain. Sooner or later, though, he returns to his favorite way to neutralize fear, boredom, lack of self-confidence, or inner tension. Maybe one addiction is simply replaced by another, which is even worse. He knows that understanding the causes of alcoholism is an important path to recovery and quitting alcohol forever. As a result, sobriety becomes your way of life and your thoughts.

Recommendation:during the healing period, don’t think about having to protect yourself from drinkers. This is not at all necessary or permissible only during the most severe period of healing. Otherwise, the path to alcohol consumption is based on a complete change in lifestyle and thinking, namely, living without alcohol. After all, he learns to rest and to rest soberly in all cases, in any situation and in any company. Remember that you are a strong and healing person.