How to stop drinking alcohol: folk remedies and tips

Drunkenness becomes a common misfortune for all members of the family. Alcoholism can have many causes, but most often a person’s weakness of character or bad influence. They have been trying to fight drunkenness for a long time, but the most important factor in successful recovery is their conscious desire to stop drinking alcohol.

woman and alcohol how to stop drinking

Who is really considered an alcoholic

People tend to see an alcoholic as someone who sinks into people’s eyes. And official medicine has its own facts on this point.

The acceptable dose for men and women is 75 ml and 50 ml of alcohol, respectively. If these indicators are not exceeded, no poisoning will occur and control over actions will not be lost. But one gets a clear definition of an alcoholic if he drinks more than 500 grams several times a week.

But there are also basic definitions of alcoholism:

  • The dose and frequency of alcohol consumption are constantly increasing;
  • In the morning an obsessive craving for drunkenness is added;
  • You need to drink again due to severe irritation and poor health. The so-called withdrawal symptoms;
  • Solving all the worries of life or just boredom with alcohol;
  • Obvious changes in behavior and daily life.

It should be noted that alcohol includes vodka and moonlight, as well as seemingly harmless cocktails, champagne, and beer.

Folk methods

herbal decoction for quitting alcohol

An herb such as St. John’s wort is widely known for fighting green snakes. To do this, weigh two glasses of water, bring to a boil and pour five tablespoons of chopped herbs. Insist in a water bath for half an hour and cold in the morning and evening for two weeks. After this period, persistent aversion to alcohol develops.

Baranets is still a little known drug, but its effectiveness is quite high. Pour 10 grams of dry twigs with a glass of boiling water and cook for 15 minutes. Give it to the patient every two hours until you want to vomit. There are contraindications to this treatment. It should not be taken by those who have problems with the heart system and stomach ulcer. In combination with alcohol, the reception of the decoction causes a strong dislike of even the smell of vodka.

In addition, aversion to alcohol consumption is provided by a mixture of two bay leaves and half a tablespoon of chopped knight’s root. All this should be poured with a glass of vodka and taken after a two-week infusion.

There are very radical measures to combat drunkenness. In the old days, the wife gave a living bug to the wine to a drinking husband. After consuming such wine, subconscious aversion to alcohol developed in the drinker. This method can be used if the drinker is unwilling to fight the addiction.

How to use folk remedies

giving up alcohol

Any treatment, including alcoholism, requires careful selection of ingredients and ingredients. Each infusion and decoction has various contraindications and you should consult a doctor to avoid consequences.

The body is cleansed before starting treatment. It is best to do this with diuretics for several days.

It is almost impossible to force a drinking person to stop drinking against his will. There are funds that have a short-term impact, but don’t expect a long-term result. Alcoholism is not only a physiological dependence but also a psychological one. And here the patient’s desire plays an important role.

The scandals and the showdown within the family only make the habit worse. Because alcohol dependence is often based on psychological problems. Together, we need to try to find the cause and convince the drinking husband to stop drinking.

Beer alcoholism

a glass of beer and how to stop drinking

Beer addiction is considered even more insidious than vodka addiction. Enthusiastic alcoholics start with beer. The insidiousness of this drink is that they don’t take beer seriously, as a couple of glasses can be considered completely normal after a hard day. But after that, beer consumption is no less severe than vodka.

It is best to cure beer addiction by changing lifestyles and folk remedies. Herbs can be used in this case in the same way as in the treatment of drinking vodka. Wormwood, thyme, St. John's wort, mint, yarrow. You can prepare the broth separately or you can cook these herbs and take them in small portions daily.

Often an infusion of the above herbs is poured into beer to make them dislike the drink.

What happens when a person stops drinking

Stopping alcohol consumption causes immediate poisoning of the body. And the severity of the poisoning depends on how long and how much alcohol one has consumed. Toxic substances are released in the blood as the internal organs cleanse themselves of alcoholic poison.

Some symptoms appear:

  • General irritability;
  • Severe nausea and persistent vomiting;
  • Gastrointestinal diseases;
  • Weakness;
  • Cold chills;
  • Sweating;
  • Heartbeat;
  • Involuntary tremor.

If a person is unable to cope with welfare disorders on their own after stopping drinking alcohol, it is better to seek medical help. Your doctor may prescribe a cleansing course and take medication. But everything goes individually. If the snack didn’t last long and your body is healthy in principle, you can wait for the self-cleansing process at home.

After a certain period of time, the toxins are removed from the body and a significant relief and recovery process occurs:

  • Blood pressure normalizes, pulse returns to its natural age norm;
  • The headache and dizziness cease to torture;
  • A positive mood and a taste for life appear;
  • Shortness of breath and insomnia will no longer be felt.

To restore your body, there are a few recommendations to follow:

  • A healthy lifestyle that includes ample exposure to fresh air;
  • Taking medications to repair the liver;
  • Wholesome foods containing vitamins;
  • Physical exercises to tone the whole body;
  • A hobby that replaces the craving for alcohol;
  • When treating alcohol dependence, it is important to note that supporting family and friends is very important in this difficult case.

It is easy to turn away from a sick person, it is much harder to go with him on the path of treatment and adaptation.

If you stop drinking, don’t think that after a cure, a few glasses can be missed on the holidays. Once one has become an alcoholic, one will no longer be able to observe the extent so easily and surrender to this addiction again. You may have to give up drinking forever and be prepared for it.